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Elsebeth Paikin

To Belarus SIG

A new virus is spreading, and some send out warnings against it.
it is:
NAME: Creative
ALIAS: Prolin, Shockwave, W32/Prolin@mm

However, it is simply not possible to send out warnings against
every new virus/worm/trojans. Since the above was diagnosed and
warnings were being sent out, a new one has appeared
NAME: BleBla
ALIAS: Romeo-and-Juliet, Romeo, Juliet, Verona, IWorm_Blebla,

The only safe thing you can do is to guard yourself >from virus-attacks
by having a good virus-protection program and preferably also a virus-

Furthermore, check out one of the many excellent websites, that bring
information about all the new viruses, such as:

These websites enable you to check something out in seconds - just a
click away! So play it safe: take the time to visit them regularly.
Here are some URLs:

And if you send out virus-warnings to a friend or two
---(don't ask to copy and send the warnings to ---
---everybody in the address book, as that might ---
---be considered a hoax, spam and chain letter!)---
but to a few friends or colleagues you can send the warning with
a remedy and explanation.
Without the latter a warning is not of much use!
And you can find the remedy at the above mentioned websites.

So virus warnings should not be sent to the JewishGen mailing lists.

Best regards

Moderator of the Belarus, Denmark
and Ekaterinoslav Discussion Groups
Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark

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