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The following appeared today in the latest Jewishgen digest. Although it
appeared to be exactly as described it also has links the major sources of
local municipal and state data.

I had experimented with a resort area of Massashusetts commonly referred to
as the Berkshire's and found extensive resources available. This appears to
be a very fine tools for our group:

Subject: Research volunteers (Re: Looking for a HeadStone or Need a Photo)
From: FINEY@...
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 12:06:46 EDT
X-Message-Number: 21
There is an excellent list of volunteers who will find graves at
cemteries, look for other legal records, etc., for you. They only
ask that you volunteer to do the same. These people are all over
the country. The group is called "Random acts of Genealogy Kindness"
and may be accessed at
Once you find the site, just follow the directions.

Best regards,

Stephen A. Cohen
East Meadow NY

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