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Martin Kronman <mkronman@...>

I am looking for some help in translating two marriage certificates which
have been posted on ViewMate (VM 185/186). These can be accessed at the site Ignore any references to their being in Polish.
Although they are Polish documents, they are written in Russian (cyrillic
script). One of the documents is for marriage of Chenich Kronman to Laia
Karo (akt 4). The other is for Gerzon Kronman married to Fajda Pinczewska
(akt 23). I am particularly interested in their dates of birth (or their
age), dates of marriage, their occupations and as much information available
for the four grandparents. I would be indebted to you, since I have no
knowledge of Russian. Thank you very much and best wishes.

Martin J. Kronman
Syracuse, NY

Researching: Kronman in Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and the Uniteted States.
Researching: Kroman, Craman, Cramen, and Groman in Belarus, Poland and the
United States

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