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Carolyn Javitch <cjavitch@...>

......the town of Gomel, in Mogilev guberniya, and searching for surviving members of the
Kessler and Glazman (or Glosman)....
I asked my manicurist who is recently (within 10 years) >from Gomel and she said she knew of
a family named Glazman but nobody with the name Kessler. She guessed that everyone came
to the US or Israel. I asked, is there a phone book in Gomel and she laughed and said
yes. I asked, when her husband called his mother, who is still there, would she check the
phone book. I'll let you know if they find anything. Weirder things have happened.

Carolyn Javitch, Cleveland OH
Researching: FINESMITH/FAYNSHMIDT, Streshin, Belarus; ROSSIO/ROSEN/ROSIN, Ostrow Maz.,

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