Belarus SIG #Belarus 1884 placename "Diarbicha near Neval" #belarus

Lindsay Jackson <l_c_jackson@...>

My great uncle "Samuel ZARCHIN known as
Samuel JACKSON" was naturalised in the UK in 1951.
His 1951 certificate states that he was born in
1884 in "Diarbicha near Neval". My father believes
this to be really Nevel', which was in the Vitebsk
gubernia, Belarus, in 1884 and is now in the Russian

Does anyone recognise the placename "Diarbicha"?

It does not seem to be on the 1899 "Vsia Rossiia" map
on the Belarus SIG section of the Jewishgen website,
but I have difficulty reading small fuzzy italicised
Cyrillic! Any clue might help me to locate the place
on an 1867 map at the Royal Geographical Society,
Kensington, London, which I hope to visit fairly soon.

Thank you for your attention. Lindsay Jackson
Guildford, UK

Just a reminder for anyone searching for a specific shtetl:
(Lindsay might have done so already)
Try to find it on:
or in "Where Once We Walked - A guide to the Jewish Communities
Destroyed in the Holocaust", Avotaynu, 1991.
--- other suggestions will be welcomed!

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