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Norma Brewer <nlbrewer@...>

That is partly true, if it is for ONE INDIVIDUAL's use-
- only a small section may be copied
- not if it is widely disseminated, as it would be if copied
and then put on the web for everybodys's use,
- then it would not be for 'personal use'
- The copyright of a text resides with the author.

Perhaps one of our legal members could be kind enough to post on
this list,a copy of current copyright law.
It differs >from country to country- in the USA, and also in UK,
and EEC Copyright is important.
Stealing intellectual property is theft.

Norma Brewer

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From: "Richard Sandler"

I aways thought that one can copy anything in the library if it is for
personal use. Even in school copying articles are common place as long
as credit is given to the author and the article is not used for
commercial purposes.

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