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At 08:04 17-01-01 +0200, Gaby Guri wrote:
In the Pruzhany Yizkor book site there is an index “Pinkas Pruzhany
Index ". The index contains some name related (probably) to my family.
But this index has no connection to the book. This index is an index of
another book. Does anyone know what is the name of the real book that
is related to this index?
Dear Gabi

The following is the complete name:

Pinkas: Pruzany, Bereza, Maltch, Shereshov, Seltz.
A Chronicle of the Destroyed Jewish Communities of the Towns
Pruzana, Bereza, Malch, Scherschev and Seltz.
Their Origin, Development and Annihilation Issued in the year of
the 15 Anniversary of Their Destruction Published by the Jewish
Countrymen of Those Towns Now Residing in Argentina with the
Cooperation of these Who are Dwelling at Present in Israel, U.S.A.
and Canada Buenos Aires - Argentina - 1958
Mordecai W. Bernstein, ed. David Forer co-ed.

Would you like any other details, please write me privately

Jose Serlin
Pruzhany Research Project
Children of Pruzhanyy and Sorrounding Area

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