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Rachel Astrahan <rachel@...>

In response to Dave Lewak's question, I would just like to add that
I know a Christian family that came >from a Jewish background. This
family converted to Christianity around WWII to conceal their heritage
and avoid prosecution in war-torn Europe. Perhaps this is a possible
reason for Mr. Lewark's situation. Both Lewak families may originally
have been >from the same religion and for whatever reason, a branch of
the family converted to a different religion.

Rachel Astrahan
Los Angeles, CA

Dave Lewak wrote:
I've discovered a set of Lewak families who are not Jewish, instead
they are Roman Catholic, and come >from the Lvov area of Poland.
My own family is Jewish, and comes >from Drohiczyn, in what is now
southern Belarus. The distance between Drohiczyn and Lvov seems to
be about 150 miles.

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