Belarus SIG #Belarus Fwd: Jewish and non-Jewish families sharing the same last name: LEWAK #belarus

vivienne kay <viviennekay@...>

Dave Lewak's comments re Jewish and non-Jewish families sharing the same
last name is all too familiar to me.

My family name SHILKIN is very uncommon in Australia. In fact, all Shilkins
in Australia are related to either my grandfather or his two brothers - who
came >from Beshenkovichi to Perth, Western Australia in the early 1900s.

Through the internet, I tracked down a couple of SHILKINs, one in St
Petersburg, one in Penza. Both were very interested and keen to communicate
with me and share a little bit of information, but the minute I asked if
they had Jewish backgrounds, they did not reply, despite my sending another
couple of emails!!

Since these two episodes, I've found that in the Moscow and St Petersburg
phonebooks alone, there are heaps of Shilkins, who all appear to have
Russian names, unlike my grandfather and his brothers whose names were quite

I also tracked down a family of Shilkins in the States. Same thing, when I
asked the question of jewish background, they no longer replied.

Since my 'rejections', I admit I have become a bit discouraged and have
certainly not had the same zeal that I had when I first started to look into
the family tree. I guess it makes me feel better to know I'm not alone!!

Vivienne Shilkin
Melbourne, Australia

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