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I'd like to address two comments related to my posting yesterday about the
Jewish Encyclopedia.

Udi Cain wrote:
That encyclopaedia contains also articles about individuals and I suppose
more. Don't you think that the idea should be that anyone, who is
interested in
any subject, out of that encyclopaedia, would be asked to volunteer, to
his choice for all of us. One never knows what and when any article will be
for the benefit of the research etc.
We're working on shtetl articles rather than names or other topics for
several reasons:
1. They're of the greatest interest to the greatest number of our members.
2. We have a clear place to post them, in the specific Shtetls of Belarus
pages. It's not clear where other articles might be placed.
3. It's better to concentrate our limited resources, including not
overburdening or abusing Judy, rather than spreading ourselves too thin.

Of course, individuals willing to work on articles of interest to them are
always encouraged to do so.

Ernie Fine wrote:
Why is this being retyped instead of scanned and OCR'd? Is the print
quality that bad that it
won't OCR properly?
Asked and answered by Dave Fox last week. It didn't scan well. Also, the
articles are generally fairly short so that retyping is not much of a chore.

Mike Meshenberg
Research Coordinator, Belarus SIG

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