Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Mutilation to avoid Conscription #belarus

Baruch Pinnick <bpinnick@...>

I wouldn't readily dismiss stories about parents mutilating their
children to avoid conscription in the Czar's army. I've served in
the Israeli army and heard of RARE cases in which young conscripts,
usually disturbed, shot themselves in the foot (or similar) to get
out. (I've never heard of Israeli parents mutilating their children,

The phenomenon probably exists wherever military service is compulsory.
Considering the horror stories I've read about the Czar's army -
conscription for up to 20 or 30 years, antisemitism, you name it - and
comparing it to the rather benign Israeli army, I could well imagine
parents performing this admittedly rather disturbing act for the better
of their children.

Baruch Pinnick

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