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Hello all,

I just wanted to make a quick and important announcement. I've
decided to coordinate the Brest Yiskor Book translation project. I hope I am
not getting in over my head, but if this Yizkor book is as great as others
I've seen, I just have to be able to read it (in english), plus I need the
info in there for my book I am writing. If you or someone you know (sounds
like a commercial for insurance) is interested in the Jewish community of
Brest Litovsk (Brest, Brisk, Brzesc nad Bugeum, and however other ways it's
called) please consider donating any amount great or small to the effort.
Per Joyce Field, "The Brest translation fundraising project is now
online at the YB JewishGen-erosity page at You may now
make online contributions to the project or print out the form and submit
contributions by mail, designating the project on the form." Also please
consider an additional amount to JewishGen, which provides administrative
and infrastructure services to the yizkor book project at no cost.


Joseph Simpson
Glens Falls, NY
Researching Rosenfelds in Brest

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