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Hello List,

I just wanted to add to this that I am also sorry for injecting
any divisive spirit into the forum. It was just totally inappropriate,
and I know better. I consider it an honor to be on this list, to get
the kind of information I am getting, to be able to post queries, and
no one should feel afraid to post anything or any view for fear of
getting "clobbered" as Betsy Brazy put it so eloquently. There is
certainly room for differences, as I am sure that Naomi and myself
have a few, but there should be no room for clobbering.

To quote whoever was the guy who said it "Even if you are right, but
you communicate it in a wrong spirit, you are wrong." And that is not
to say that I think I am totally right. I am probably more of a romantic
when it comes to history than Naomi. Naomi's skeptical side is a side
that I need to embrace to a certain degree, though I don't really want
to. I am in the preliminary stages of writing a book about the life
of my great great grandfather, and I want to give full expression to
the emotional impact of his stories, so that they will grab the reader.
The danger is that I may misrepresent history for the sake of making
an interesting read.

So, thank you Naomi, for your reply, and I really mean that.
I am just a young guy, fresh into all this stuff, and, if I am ever to
succeed in any of my goals, I need to be open to every one's input, no
matter how much it goes against my grain.

And thank you Betsy for reminding us that we are all related. As the
good book says (to sound like Tevye) at the very beginning of all our
geneologies we all find the same set of parents.

Sincerely and sorrowfully,

Joseph Simpson
Glens Falls, NY
Researching Rosenfelds of Brest Litovsk

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