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Jessica Schein <jesshschein@...>

This subject is dear to my heart, well, my main frustration.

My paternal gf left Belarus to escape the draft in late 1904. His
petition for naturalization was filed in 1931 and did not contain a
Certificate of Arrival. BTW, the reason he filed the papers then was
that it was the last time wives would be included in their husband's

In any event, we have always known that he changed his name on the trip
over in fear of the long arm of the czar's law. My aunt said it was to
the name of the ship's captain, and she sort of gave me the original
name. At another time she gave me a different name. Her memory on the
subject wasn't too clear.

His naturalization papers gave a port of embarkation and date of arrival
in NY, but no ship name. I found a suitable ship. But no grandfather. I
checked every male "Hebrew" on the manifest for some sort of fit, but no
one came even close. As far as I could tell, no one in the ship's crew
had the name Schein either. I also checked other ships leaving >from the
same port for a few months before and after and for the same season the
years before and after.

So I have been wondering if he came on someone else's passport. If so,
could that person have been >from a different town, be a different age
(5 years) and marital status? Would a forged passport have his real
vitals or those of someone else?

I'm still hoping for a miracle even after 5 tries at the Passenger
Manifest. Maybe when the LDS listing goes on-line I'll find something.

I couldn't find a draft registration in 1917 or his marriage certificate
(checked the brides' index too). He had no close family in NY. This guy
was really keeping a low profile, everywhere I turn, I hit a dead end.

So, I'd love to hear what others have found about false documents.

Jessica Schein

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