Belarus SIG #Belarus Could Shlomo and Sholom be brothers? #belarus

Shana Egan <segan@...>

My ggf was Shlomo RITZENBERG. His parents were Abraham RITZENBERG and
Sprinze (THAMSE ?). My ggf resided in N.Y.

Another branch of the RITZENBERG family was headed by Sholom RITZENBERG.
He resided in Cleveland, OH

I have been told that the two branches were related and that years ago
there were visits between the branches. Sholom's second marriage
certificate lists his parents as Abe RITZENBERG and Sprincy --.
Because of the time frame, the fact that everyone came >from Kobrin,
Belarus, and the family members who said they were cousins to each
other, I assumed that Shlomo and Sholom were brothers.

In doing further research I have found that both Sholom and Shlomo mean
"man of peace". Does that mean the names are the same? If so, then the
two men could not be brothers.

Does anyone know about these names?

Shana Egan
San Diego, CA

RITZENBERG, DAITCH, KAPLAN and MESHIN >from Kobrin, Divin, Brest,
Kamenets, and possibly Bailystok, Belarus
BASS and SHECHTEL >from Lezajsk, Poland
YELLEN and FRIEDMAN >from Sokolow, Poland

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