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HI, I am trying to find some Jewish heritage that is
said to be in my ancestors. I have been searching for
some time, and although I have found some geneoligy
branches that I did not know even existed, I have yet
to find any Jewish heritage.

I was hoping someone out there might be able to assist

The surnames that have come up so far are: JORDAN,

If there are any Jewish lines in these surnames, I
would love to know what they are.

I have been really searching the GOULD line, and have
gone as far back as Nathaniel GOULD, the father of
Lewis GOULD bor abt 1806. Lewis GOULD married Jane
KEITH in 1833 in Dearbourn County, IND. Jane Keith is
the daughter of Nicholas KEITH born ABT 1782 and
Neiile MASON.

Lewis GOULD and Jane KEITH had several children, one
being Rachel Carlisle GOULD born Aug. 9, 1836 in Riply
County, IND. Rachel is my GG Grandmother.

Rachel Carlisle GOULD married Isaac William JORDAN
(born 1822), the son of Joshua JORDAN and Mary "Polly"

Any information on these lines whatsever would be
greatly appriciated. Somewhere is Jewish heritage,
and right now it is like trying to find a needle in a
haystack! LOL

Thanks in advance for assisting me in this great
search. Feel free to email me directly at

Yours truly, Bob

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