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Linda Fefferman

Hello to All,

Jack R. Braverman wrote about - Subject: New Thread: Portals
<"Could others submit correlations between _known_ departure ports and
arrival ports in the U.S.? Include the individual's country/area of origin.
Also the shipping line, if known, and date. And the port of entry.">

This may not be exactly what Jack had in mind, but I thought I would
share the following in the hopes it might be of help and/or interest to
someone else:
In tracing my husband's FEFFERMAN (PFEFFERMANN) surname, I can share the
following about "our" Immigrant:
(Froim) Frank Pfeffermann / Fefferman b.c. 1873 Kadan(?) (Koden, Lublin,
Russia/Poland), Poland per his death certificate or b. Dec. 15, 1874 Coden,
Russia per Declaration of Intention for Naturalization (in his 1912 Petition
for Naturalization paper he stated his birth date as Dec. 17, 1874 born in
Russia, and that his wife Dora (Rasim sp?) was born in Russia and still
resides there, and he gave names and birthdates of his three children all
born in Russia and still residing there. Witnesses who personally knew him
were David Kliger (a carpenter) and David Blumenberg (a Painter), he could
speak English and signed his name); of Brest Litovsk, White Russia;

His Naturalization paper Declaration of Intention (filed Sept. 27, 1913 in
Chicago, Ill.) gives his name a Frank Peperman, age 38 years, fair
complextion, 5 foot 7 inches tall, weight 160 pounds, dark brown hair, grey
eyes; his last foreign residence was Demochevo, Russia;
he emigrated to America >from Antwerp Belgium on Sept. 9, 1911 and he arrived
on the vessel "Finnland" Sept. 19, 1911 at the port of New York, New York;
He came to Illinois Dec. 15, 1911. His 1918 Certificate of Naturalization
gives the following info.: 44 years, 5 foot 5 inches tall, his wife Dora age
38 years in Russia, lists Ezekiel age 20, Israel age 10, and Hyman age 7, all
residing in Russia; his address was 1105 S. Troy, Chicago, Ill. )
He lived at 1333 No. 14th Street, Chicago, Illinois;
U.S. Department of Labor show him as Froim Pfeffermann. "Frank" died age 56,
on Dec. 6, 1929 Cook Co., Illinois, buried Dec. 6, 1929 Proviso, Cook Co.,
Ill. or Oak Forest, Ill.

In researching the "Finland"
The "Finland" was a 12,760 ton vessel built in 1902 by W.Cramp & sons of
Philadelphia for the Red Star Line. Her dimensions were 560ft x 60.2ft and
she had a straight stem, two funnels and four masts, twin screw and a speed
of 15 knots. There was accommodation for 342 1st, 194 2nd and 626 3rd class
passengers. She sailed under the American flag between New York and Antwerp
until 1909 when she was transferred to the Belgian flag. In March 1909 she
was used on the Naples - NY service by the White Star Line until June of that
year. In 1912 she reverted to the US flag and was employed between Antwerp
and NY until 1914 when she went on the NY - Naples - Piraeus run. In 1915 she
was used by Panama Pacific Line between NY - Panama - San Francisco and later
the same year for the American Line between NY - Falmouth - London. In 1916
employed by the same company on their NY - Liverpool run. When America
entered the war in 1917 she was taken over as a US troopship until torpedoed
150 miles >from the French coast. She reached St Nazaire where she was
repaired. In 1919 she was altered to accommodate 242 1st, 310 2nd and 876 3rd
class passengers and was employed between NY - Southampton and Antwerp for
Red Star Line. In 1923 she was used again by American Line for their NY -
Plymouth - Cherbourg - Hamburg. In 1923 transferred again to Panama Pacific
Line for the NY - San Francisco service. Finally scrapped in 1928 at Blyth.
The history of the Red Star Line is extremely complicated as they ran ships
under three different flags (American, British and Belgian) and they
transferred vessels continually between flags, different services and
chartered to other companies....."

4 October 1910, maiden voyage, New York-Antwerp (U.S. flag). By January 1909,
first voyage, Antwerp-New York (Belgian flag). 6 March-5 June 1909, 3
roundtrip voyages for the White Star Line (charter), Naples-New York.

We have Doba/"Dora" (nee Rasim) Pfeffermann (Fefferman)'s 1920 passport
framed and hanging on our livingroom wall. The name of the ship she came to
America on Dec. 4, 1921 is not readable but looks something like "Wuddle" or
According to her (Rzeczpospolita Polska M.S.W. Republique Polonaise
M.I.Paszport - Passeport) passport, and American Visa issued Dec. 4, 1920,
Doba Pfeferman / Pfefermann was born in 1882, in or was >from Brest Lit. In
1882 Brest Litvo was in the province of Grodno, White Russia (was Poland, now

And the search continues.... I would be most greatful to hear >from anyone
who might have information about the Rasim or Rasmin surname.

Linda Fefferman
Cathedral City, Calif., USA
Also interested in: (DICKMAN, MARANZ, LIEBOWITZ, connected to the OHRBACH
EPSTYEN / EPSTEYN of Koden, Lublin, Pol./Rus.
GRUMAN of Koden, Lublin, Pol./Rus.
STEIN of Russia
ZIEDMAN of London, England

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