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David Fox reports:

Mr. Mehr said there were two FHL cameras in Belarus at this time. One
was in Grodno and the other in Minsk. I pressed him about the status of
the filming of the 1897 Census records in Grodno and he said he was well
aware of our interest in getting these records filmed. He emphasized
that the final decision on what will be filmed is up to the local
archive and even though the FHL may ask to film the 1897 Census records,
the Archive director in Grodno can prevent that >from happening.
Good for you David! It is appalling that such a large Gubernia as Grodno
has so little available and so little on the horizon (esp. no vital records
whatsoever). The 1897 Census (and the earlier Revision List) are the only
truly major prospects and both are being held almost incommunicado. Almost
all Grodno researchers are awaiting its opening - whether they know it or not.

The list may not be the place to discuss this fully, but we really need a
strategy that presses all sides to cooperate and prioritize this list
(something I know you have stressed). I suppose this means positive and
less positive incentives.

Paul Alt.

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