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Dear Fellow Belarus SIG Members,

I am happy to report that the table of contents for both volumes of the
Minsk YB:

Minsk, Jewish Mother-City, a memorial anthology
edited by Shlomo Even-Shushan and published by the Association of Olim
from Minsk and its Sourroundings in Israel, Jerusalem 1975-85
can now be viewed at:


I would like to thank Nechama Verbin-Waddell who did the translation of
the table of contents and the name indices (which will be available
shortly) on a volunteer basis. In addition, I would like to thank Joyce
Field, Lance Ackerman, and the rest of the Yizkor Project team who made
it possible to get this data on the web were we can all use it.

The Minsk yizkor book is about the the largest city in Belarus. As you
can see >from the table of contents, the two volumns provide a wonderful
history of Jewish life in Minsk and the surrounding area >from it's early
life to the period after the holocuast. This was a major city of
Jewish life in Belarus. Just prior to the holocaust, there were about
54,000 Jews living there. In 1905, there were about 48,000 Jews in
Minsk city and this was after many thousands had already immigrated to
the US, UK, and South America.

The two volumes of the Minsk yizkor book are written in Hebrew. The
publishers of the books have graciously granted permission to JewishGen
to publish the English translation on the web. Until now, the memories
of the landsmen who created this historical document known as the Yizkor
Book have been hidden >from most of us due to language barriers. There
are thousands of Jewish surnames mentioned and indexed in this book and
these have already been translated.

The Minsk yizkor book project will need a coordinator. While I tried to
handle this task myself, I now know that I cannot do it at the same time
I am coordinating the Belarus SIG. Therefore, I NEED SOMEONE TO COME
PROJECT. You can get an idea of what the role of the YB coordinator is
by going to <>. Please let me
know if you are willing to take on this task.

If you have any interest in researching and/or honoring the memory of
the Jewish community of Minsk, please consider making a donation to
JewishGen, specifically earmarked for this translation project. Remember
that JewishGen, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization;
therefore, you may be able to claim an income tax deduction for any
donations, depending on your personal tax situation.

With a gift at this time, you can make a difference and help provide
urgently needed support to the project. At whatever level you can give,
we appreciate your commitment to the project. It would assure
translation of the book if we can generate average contributions of $100
or more. At whatever level you can give, we appreciate your commitment
to this project.

Please respond by making this commitment another important milestone in
your genealogical work.

Should you wish to contribute to help fund the Minsk Yizkor Book's
translation, please click on JewishGen's secure fundraiser page, below,
and be sure to select Minsk, Belarus. You may wish to consider tithing
an additional amount at the same time to JewishGen's General Fund, which
provides all of the expensive computer equipment and technical support
for this project at no charge.


For those who feel uncomfortable using credit cards on the web, you can
always mail a check (or send a fax with credit card info) payable to
JewishGen, Inc. If you wish to send your donation by mail or fax, please
print the form >from the above website and send it in with your payment,
to ensure that your funds are put into the correct account for this

Thank you for your patience with the fundraising plea, and I do
sincerely hope that you enjoy reading the book in the future! May the
memory of our ancestors live forever.

David M. Fox
Arnold, MD USA
Belarus SIG Coordinator

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