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Below what I know.
Good luck
Mario Jeifetz
Moises Ville-Argentina
searching for NOVICK-REJOVITZKY-TRUMPER, Volkovisk, Mstibovo and Liskow,
JEIFETZ, BOGOPOLSKY >from Israilovka(Grabarivka), Ukraine;

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Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2001 6:57 PM
Subject: [belarus] Given Names

I need some help with given names. Following are some names on our ADASKIN
family tree, and I don't know the gender. Perhaps some of these are
nicknames, I don't know. If anyone has some ideas, I would appreciate some

Bashe F
Braine F
Ellye M
Hinde F
Hirche: Hirsch M
Itche M
Itte F
Nokhem M
Orre ?
Osher ? Asher M
Payshe: ? Peyshe is M
Rishe ?
Rishke ? Rivke F
Shchere ?
Shendel: Scheindl
Shlayme: or Schoyme, M
Sholem (Male ?): Shalom, M
Sorre: Sore, F
Tobe: or Tube, F
Tsippe F
Vellye F
Yoshe: or Yoshke, Ioseff, M

... Andy Schwartz, researching ADASKIN, in St. Louis, MO

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