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Ilene Murray <ilenemurray@...>

To Andrew Schwartz and anyone else

Bashe is male.
Braine (Breina) is female.
Ellye (Elya) is male.
Hinde is female.
Hirche (Hersch) is male.
Itche (Yitchak) is Yiddish and male = Isaac
Itte (Itte) is female.
Nokhem (Nachem) is male.
Orre (Ore) is male.
Osher is male.
Payshe (Peshe) is Yiddish, female.
Rishe is female.
Rishke is female (a diminutive of Rishe).
Shchere (Shecharya) is male.
Shendel (Scheindel) is female.
Shlayme (Schloime) is male.
Sholem (Male ?) Yes, male
Sorre (Sora) is female.
Tobe (Toibe) is female.
Tsippe is female.
Vellye (maybe Velvel?) if so, it's male.
Yoshe (Yosha) is male.

I used two great books to double check the names I didn't know for sure:
The Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew First Names by Alfred J.
Kolatch and Jewish Personal Names by Rabbi Shmuel Gorr.

Hope this helps.

Ilene Kanfer Murray in St. Louis

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