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Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

To all,
I have taken the liberty of forwarding Carol Skydell's message
to various lists I am subscribed to because I have received two
of these attachments in the last two days. I did not open them
although I was very tempted because the subject was one of
my family's line of search. Before I received the e-mail below,
I just sent a reply to the person sending me the virus attchment
and have not hear >from them.

Please note that at the end of each e-mail which contains this
virus attachment are the words: "take a look to the attachment".

This made me suspicious because the e-mail did not have a
personal message to me regarding the subject mentioned and
because this was written by someone whose native language
is not English.

I hope this will save someone >from opening it up even though
it comes >from someone they may know and the subject is dear
to their heart.

Diane Jacobs
New York

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The W32 Badtrans13312@mm is being spread by many unsuspecting
JewishGenners as well as others who use the internet. The virus replies to
all unread stored mail on one's computer and sends itself in messages
addressed to the person who posted the original message. It uses any one
of a number of file extensions as follows:


If you have gotten messages appearing to be >from JewishGenners or familiar
names >from other lists to which you subscribe, and especially if you get
individual mail >from any mailing lists you may be tricked into thinking
are getting a response to a message you posted. Let us emphasize this is
not just happening with JewishGen mailing lists, it is happening with
others as well.

If you see any of the above file extensions, delete the message >from your
computer immediately. If you think you are already infected the first
question to ask yourself is:

Why in this day and age am I running a computer without the most up to
virus protection program? <grin>

And then you might want to visit the following site to insure a clean

Instructions for removal are at

Again, please be cautious in any e-mail you open and be sure that the very
next thing you do is protect yourself >from virus infections which are
running rampant throughout internet mailing lists.

Carol Skydell on behalf of
JewishGen Executive Committee

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