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L.M. Berkowitz

"The Occident" began publishing in 1843. This is past your cutoff date, but
the editor, Isaac Leeser, lived in Richmond >from the time of his arrival in
America in 1824 to 1834. His uncle, Zalma Rehine, was a businessman in
Richmond. For more info, check the early volumes of "The Occident" at:

Another good source is the Ezekiel/Lichtenstein book, "The History of the
Jews of Richmond >from 1769 to 1917". If you have trouble locating a copy of
this book, contact me privately.

L.M. Berkowitz "Jewish-American History on the Web"

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Would welcome any information on pre-1842 Jewish families living in
Richmond, VA. Especially those that held or employed slaves.

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