re Jacob Webster #usa


Per your request I visited NARA and looked up Jacob and Lena Webster in the
1870, 1880 and 1900 US censuses. Interesting facts discerned >from the

Jacob arrived in the US at the age of 6 in 1846 (He was born in June,
1840). Lena arrived in 1853 at the age of 9.

The 1880 census shows Jacob to be a citizen. This could mean he naturalized,
or that his father naturalized before he turned 18. Prior to 1924, when a
man naturalized, his wife and all children under 18 became citizens.

The 1870 census shows them to have married in 1863 and to have 3 children;
Rachel age 6, Jenny age 4, and Myer age 2. The 1900 census shows Rachel
born Jan 1866, Jenny in October 1874 (!!!! she aged slowly) and doesn't show
Myer (he may have married and moved out.) Other children still at home in
1900 - some with spouses - were: Bernard (Nov 1872); Harry (April 1878);
Ethel (Jan 1881); Sidney (Sept 1882); and Leslie (March 1888).

One more fact of interest --- in each census it is shown they have a live-in
servant! (Smells of money.) Also their address in 1900 was 1453 Lexingtn
Avenue, Manhattan - an area of mansions.

If you send me by email a home address, I'll mail you a copy of the 1900
census page.

Al Luftman Natick, MA

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