New Orleans Congregation Temime Derech 1857-1903 #usa


Hello all:

This is my annual attempt to discover whether the Records of Congregation
Temime Derech have been found.

They were inventoried by the WPA in 1941 at the offices of Mr. Alex Mattes,
1829 Magazine St., New Orleans.
Mr. Mattes died in 1952. Some time ago, his son, Manuel Mattes, who was
executor of the estate,
told me they were not included in the estate or found in the building when it
was sold.

WPA's Description:

RECORDS; Jan. 18, 1857 - Sept. 9, 1906 1 vol.
Minutes of all meetings and financial records of this organization. Arranged
Chronologically by date of entry.
Handwritten - Jan 18, 1857 - Dec. 6, 1857 in German; Dec. 7, 1857 - Sept. 9,
1906, in English
Approx. 500 pages. 14" x 9" x 3"

[Note: Other records of Temime Derech -- Deaths 1858 - 1901 -- are archived
at the American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati.]

This Congregation was very helpful to my just-widowed GGF in January 1859.

I want to believe the records were misplaced, not destroyed. However, I have
searched most known record
repositories over the last ten years without success.

If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please let me know.

Thank you.

Dave Bernard, Sherborn, MA

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