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Amstiveve or Amstibove, an Yiddish name, is actually Mstibov or
Mstibovo, by this way you will find it on the map, 10 km W >from
Volkovysk. Amsibove is the shtetl of my grandmother Fanny

There was an EPSTEIN family here. The head of household name
was Schlomo ben Yitzhak Haim EPSTEIN, born 1878 in Volkovysk.

Hope it helps

Mario Jeifetz
Moises Ville-Argentina
searching for NOVICK-REJOVITZKY-TRUMPER, Volkovisk, Mstibovo
and Liskow, Belarus;
JEIFETZ, BOGOPOLSKY >from Israilovka(Grabarivka), Ukraine;

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Rose Feldman wrote:
My name is Rose Feldman the granddaughter of Shlomo EPSTEIN of Rozany or
Ruzany and Raziel BYARSKY. My mother and her sisters were born in
Amstiveva near Volkovisck - I can not find it on any map. Can anyone help
me? All this is in the gubernia of Grodno.

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