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I just want to let you all know that I spent three days at the
exhibition "Annihilated Heritage" at the International Renovation and
Restoration Show at Hynes Auditorium in Boston March 21-23. The
exhibition was very successful. It displayed thirteen of the 185 wooden
synagogues that stood in Poland before the war. Highlighted was the
Zabludow Synagogue because it has been selected to be rebuilt as a full
size historically accurate replica at the Museum Podlasie Bialystoku in
Bialystok Poland. It will not be a sanctified synagogue, but will be a
museum for the display and study of all the wooden synagogues that stood
in Poland. This summer some archeological work may be done on the
original site in Zabludow, and there is talk of a historical marker
being put there. The exhibit will now go on the road in America. I don't
have a schedule yet. Here is a link to a webpage about the Boston
exhibit with some photos.

Best Regards,

Tilford Bartman

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