Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Reversing names #belarus


I can only echo what Rachelle Berliner said about reversing names while
searching. I was searching for my father's (Yale Belinkoff) naturalization
record at the Laguna Niguel, CA, National Archives. Ultimately they were
found filed under Yale, rather than under Belinkoff. Certainly no one could
consider that a mixup of two possible first names.
Adar Belinkoff
Claremont, CA
Researching: BELINKOFF >from Gomel, Israel, Youngstown and Los Angeles;
CHARNAK >from Gomel, Ukraine, Youngstown and Philadelphia;
MAGIDSON >from Gomel, Youngstown and New York;
KLEINERT or Klein >from Gomel(?)
PINTCHUK >from Tomaszov Mazieowecki, Youngstown & Cleveland;
NUMBERG >from Lomza and Chicago;
GOLDER (GOLDFARB) >from Ostrolenka and Chicago.

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