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For what it's worth, the later ship manifists do include the town of origin,
although the spelling may have many variants. My gm's 1899 manifest (and
anything later than that) includes the exact town of origin. Some later
manifests include town of birth as well as town of last residence, and will
even give the town of the nearest relative in the Old Country (I even have
one record, where a relative went back for a visit to Lithuania in the
1920's/30's, where the exact address of her sister in Anyksciai is listed).
The steamship forms were revised periodically, and included additional
information with each revision. The earlier manifests aren't always

Census records tend to be very generic, and "Russia" is very common.
Occasionally you will see the name of the province. Also, many people just
gave the name of the nearest big city in some records (SS-5, marriage
licenses, death certificates), rather than the specific town, e.g., Kovno
instead of Mosedis, Dvinsk instead of Ribinishki, Grodno instad of Kossovo
(I had to include one example >from Belarus!).

Marion Werle

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