Belarus SIG #Belarus RE: listserv for Lida uezd #belarus

David M. Fox <davefox73@...>

Ellen Renck has asked me to post her message because she is having trouble
with her AOL service. I would also like to add that the SIG leadership
encourages the posting of messages on the Belarus SIG discussion group
rather then using other lists that are specific to Belarus shtetl or
District. There are many reasons for this position:
1. Jewish families moved for economic and other reasons and branches of the
same family can be found in different shtetls and districts (uezds).
2. We learn >from each other. Research techniques and archival information at
applicable to most shtetls and uezds within what is now Belarus.
3. Messages posted to the Belarus SIG are archived and can be easily
searched by using
If you haven't tried it, you should.


David Fox
Mail to:
Belarus SIG Coordinator
Arnold, MD USA


In response to the message >from Barbara Propko about a "listserv
for Lida uezd," please remember that that group is not dedicated
to Jewish research in Lida uezd. The group for that is found at
with a DIGEST for Jewish research at
We also post messages on Belarus SIG digest.
Barbara was a member of our group because no other existed for
research. Now, they have a group that does not deal specifically with Jewish
research in the Lida area. We hope that Genners do not dilute our resources
efforts by joining a non-Jewish oriented Lida group. Lida District
Researchers has existed for about five years and made much progress.
Hopefully, with increased
interest, we will make much more in Jewish Lida research

Ellen SADOVE Renck
Irene Newhouse
Coordinators, Lida District Researchers at
Williams Island, Florida
Researching in Lida uezd of Lithuania/Belarus:
Sadovsky, Spitz, Sollod, Meltzer, Mostovsky, Patashinsky,
Pupko, Darshon, Epstein, Ferder, Garbarsky, Volkov

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