Belarus SIG #Belarus RE: Research Success Using #belarus

Andrew N Schwartz <anschwartz@...>

Several of you have written about using Google and other search engines to
find potential family members. I have done that, too, with much success.
But let me tell you about another technique with search engines.

I have my family trees on my personal web site in plain HTML format. (If
you want to see one of them, click on
). This site has been picked up by Google and altavista (and possibly
others.) About once a month, I get a family member writing me to either say
hello and to express their pleasure at finding themselves via one of the
search engines, or to provide additional information about new births or to
offer corrections.

I have also had family members contact me with information about HUGE gaps
in my data; in one case, this led to an additional 50 names.

So, remember that this powerful tool, the Internet, can be a two-way street.

.... Andy Schwartz, researching ADASKIN (Belarus) and FREUND (Bohemia)

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