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Dave Fox asked for feedback regarding the Toronto Conference:

Most importantly, it must be recognized that Edward Rosenbaum did an
outstanding job as the sole representative of the SIG staff at SIG meetings.
And thank you Dave Fox for your videotaped presentation. I must mention that
as soon as I returned home I sent in money to the SIG via jewishgen. Edward
and Dave got the point across that a little money >from everyone in the SIG
can make a big difference in terms of completing projects/translations and
making the information and data available for all of us. They also made the
point that the SIG is staffed with volunteers only. These are very giving
people. They give give give to our benefit. Edward reviewed all the
available SIG positions. I don't think I've seen them posted to this list
serve yet. If you can't volunteer, give money.

Edward's presentation of the SIG website was very well presented and very

Oleg's presentations were hard to listen to, unfortunately. But, what he had
to say was also in the notebook given to all attendees.

The Birds of a Feather meeting provided us an opportunity to introduce
ourselves and state the names and places we are researching. Personally, I
would have enjoyed more attendance >from people looking for my Shetl (Pinsk).

The Belarus Luncheon was combined with Latvia and Lithuania. It was too big
and not focused on Belarus. I would have preferred a Birds of a Feather and
Luncheon combination.

I attended "breakfast with the experts" every morning and found that to be a
highlight. These were not focused on Belarus (but could have and should have
been). These breakfasts and luncheons we attended were a great way to talk
with other attendees. The exchange of information is invaluable.

It would be a personal plus for next year's conference in Washington to
schedule the Belarus SIG meeting at a different time >from the Romanian SIG
meeting or for that matter any other SIG. They are important meetings to
attend and so many of us have family >from more than one country.

Aside >from the conference, I should take this opportunity to say that I am
personally grateful to all those unselfish people such as Dave Fox and Edward
Rosenbaum who make researching my family easier and more exciting.

Alvin Holtzman
Wilmette, IL

MODERATOR NOTE: It is not just the SIG that needs your donations, but
JewishGen itself!!! More about this later.

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