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I received a few inquiries asking about how to get records >from the KGB
archives. Since I did not know the answer, I wrote to Oleg Perzashkevich,
the Director of the Minsk Historical Genealogy Group. Those of you you
attended the Conference in Toronto probably met Oleg, as we was one of the

Here is the how Oleg responded:

I spoke about KGB files access in Toronto, and I can
tell you the following:

1. Almost all the files on that institution activity
in Belarus are in Belarus (Moscow may has something
else or the same, but hardly. Usually, they have the
files only on the high officials).
2. There is an archive of KGB in Minsk, that should
store all the files for the mid-war period. However,
it is not important, where the documents are located
in Belarus -- all the answers must be given by the KGB
office in Minsk.
3. To get the info >from KGB or MVD (NKVD) archives,
you must do the following things:

a) Prove your relationship with the person, you ask
about, with the original documents or notarized
b) Ask the clear questions, you want to be replied by
the archives.
c) Contact Belarusian Embassy and ask them, what is
the best way to make an inquiry to the KGB/MVD
I recommend to make any such inquiry via the Embassy,
but I know, that it is not easy. But according to what
I know, this is the only way to get the answer for
sure. I can not guarantee the results, but I do think,
that it is the best way to get anything >from there.
I do not think, you can get anything >from the archive
directly, but you can try at your own fortune.

The addresses and phone numbers of Belarus embassies around the world can be
found at


David Fox
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