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Allen & Dinah Katz <aldikat@...>

Firstly, let me thank Linda Morzila for caring to give some thoughts and
feedback on the conference.

How do those, who were unable to attend ,get to read about the material
presented and discussed at the Toronto Conference?

We'd love to read a copy of 'Birds-of-Feather' meetings and talks, and
lectures. Perhaps these could be made available on JewishGen web site. What
is the policy regarding recordings and 'archiving' the activities of the
conference? Does
this remain an exclusive 'club' or is it for the benefit of all, including
those unable to attend?

We have so far seen no summaries of events. Perhaps this would help to
promote participation in future conferences. I would also like to know how
the venue for the conference is determined? Perhaps there could be a way of
linking up to the conference on an on-line basis, 'distance participation'
or teleconferencing as others have suggested?

Thank you to David Fox, Joanne Saltman and Paula Zieselman and keep up the
excellent work

Shana Tova

Allen Katz
Raanana Israel

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