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LIFSHITZ family name : Are we connected ?

Progress Report : August 20, 2002

new Website address : (without the usual=

www. in the front)

Some 90 separate Lifshitz family researchers have sent along informatio=
for the Lifshitz family website. In last few months, ten new entries we=
added, three family groups have been linked together, and the site move=
d to to have more space.

Researchers on the Lifshitz and all its variations are invited to explo=
this site. The new site really has four entry points:

The short family histories sent in by other Lifshitz researcher=
s and
a first name index to the oldest members of these families.

a geographic listing of Lifshitz shtetls and a series of connect=
tables for grouping the various shtetls in sub-regions .

various Lifshitz related extracts >from the Ellis Island database=
, the
Polish Jewish Indexing Project, and the JewishGen Family Finder index ;=

a yahoo Lifshitz family listserver at established by Anthony Jackson

The Lifshitz family website now also has
An expanded set of notes on alternative versions of the origin o=
f the
name of Lifshitz.
Two Lifshitz related coats of arms
7An extract of the Polish Jewish Records files on the Lifshitz fa=
names by gubernia [ shtetl name and (appx distribution of Lifshitz name=
s by
gubernia) Galicia 37%; Grodno 11% ; Lomza 10% ; Warszawa 9% ; Kalisz 8%=
Plock 8% ; Keilce 4% ; Radom 4%; Lublin 3%; Suwalki 3%; Siedlce 2%
=B7An extract >from the Ellis Island database on the Lifshitz family=
sorted by shtetl
=B7An extract >from the Slutzk, Belarus burials sites database on th=
Lifshitz family name in chronological order .and
=B7An initial collection of some of the famous and infamous Lifshit=
personalities in history, based on Michael Lipschutz's efforts

Please email your additions and corrections to
Harris Gleckman, great grandson of Hoshea Lifshitz of
Horodok and Iveniec, Poland (now Belarus)


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