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In response the a number of queries, although the site
mentioned in my previous message
( only relates to the 1901
Census Returns for England and Wales, there is a new
web site for the Scottish genealogical data, although
I have not used it. The site includes both the 1891
and 1901 censuses and is at:

The site also provides a searchable index of Scottish
births >from 1553-1901, marriages >from 1553 to 1926 and
deaths >from 1855 to 1951.

David Shulman
Ra'anana, Israel
e-mail: shulman_gen@...

SHULMAN (Janova, Lithuania; and Darlinava?,
DEEN (Vileika?, Vilnius Gubernia and Janova,
LEABMEINE (Minsk, Belarus);
GRODZEN (Minsk, Belarus; and South Africa);
FREUMANN (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK);

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