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Andrew Blumberg <ajb61@...>

Hello all,

The loss of Stephen Morse's site is a cold reminder that we should not
take for granted the availability of information on the Internet. Just
because we have access to information, or even retrieval methods, today
doesn't mean we will have it tomorrow. I was fortunate enough to have
saved some of the searches I had done on Stephen's site to my own PC.
For example, I did a search for everyone >from a specific town. I saved
all of the lists returned by the query. I can open the lists anytime I
like and all of the links on the pages will still work. I also save
results >from JewishGen databases and Ellis Island manifests.

I thought it might help people, who don't know how to save web pages and
images, to provide a couple of tips for saving information. These tips
work in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 6. I don't believe you
can do quite the same in Netscape.


Andrew Blumberg

MODERATOR NOTE: Anyone interested please contact Andrew directly.

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