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Please view the photo of the stone of Abraham JACOBS, buried next to Joseph
JACOBS, buried next to the mausoleum of the Rabbi of Aitz Chaim Synagogue in
Baltimore. The address is:
and click on pix to enlarge as the stone is very dark.

Abraham I. Jacobs, buried in United Hebrew Cemetery, Washington Avenue,
Baltimore, MD, passed away 3/16/24. His first wife was Fannie JACOBS and at
the time of his death he was married to Mollie Jacobs. Mollie's son was

Abraham was the father of Joseph JACOBS, Rosa KUSHNICK, Esther SILVERMAN,
Leah OSTROVSKY, and Rebeccah FROHMAN. Louis JACOBS, another son, passed
away May 13, 1919.

I am seeking descendants of the children and/or grandchildren of these

Aaron JACOBS, stepson of Abraham Jacobs, son of Mollie JACOBS.

The Louis JACOBS children names are: Sadie, Celia, Jerome and Florence.

The SILVERMAN grandchildren names are: Silvan, Paul, Sadie, Morris and

The OSTROVSKY grandchildren names are: Jennie, Julius, Yetta and Celia.

I do not have the married names of Sadie, Celia, Florence JACOBS, Sadie
SILVERMAN or Jennie, Yetta and Celia OSTROVSKY.

These descendants could be in Baltimore, MD, Richmond, Norfolk or Newport
News, VA, Washington, DC for assumed locations. However, they could be

I would greatly appreciate hearing >from anyone and everyone who can assist
in my finding this family. Please reply privately to or

Rachelle Leaf Berliner
Savannah, GA
Searching: JACOBS descendants of Joseph & Rachel Golda, Abraham & Fannie,
Hyman & Sarah of Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, Newport News, Norfolk,
Richmond, VA

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