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My great grandmother Jennie REMS was born in a small village in Grodno
Goberna in 1880. Around 1896 she emigrated to the US. She married Elias
JUDLOWITZ (YUDELEVICH) >from Kaunos, Lithuania and they lived in Passaic, New
Jersey, US, most of her adult life. She died in 1957 in New Jersey. Her
father owned a mill and was a rabbi in Grodno Goberna. Jennie had a brother
Isadore REMS (born March 15, 1891 and died in 1986) who lived in Newark, New
Jersey. She also had a sister Molly REMS PINCHAK who lived in Newark, New
Jersey. She had a sister Anna or Arsnee REMS and several other brothers and
sisters. One sister died in 1939 in Warsaw. If anyone has any information
that can help me with my search I would be very appreciative. Thank you.


Laurie Adler
Washington, DC 20008
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