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In a message dated 10/30/02 the hardworking Jerry Seligsohn
( wrote:

<< I cannot make a definite location for the origins of
these two landsmanshaften. They appear to be either in
Lithuania or Belarus. If your ancestors were members
perhaps you can place their location.
Zosler Protective Association
Tuker Benevolent Association

At risk of losing my credibility in writing about surnames and placenames,
and bits and pieces of Jewish history, I am daring to suggest that "Zosler"
and "Tuker" are not toponyms, but surnames. Perhaps the landsmanshaften
Jerry has inquired about were named after their respective founders, who may
have been rabbis or tsaddiks.

Before writing this response, I did check my usual place name sources, both
in my books and in various areas of Jewishgen, and I did these lookups as
imaginatively as I could.

I also did "Google" searches for "Tuker" and "Zosler". I did find that there
was a Rabbi Gorden Tucker who was dean of the Rabbinical School at the Jewi
sh Theological Seminary, and another Rabbi named Steven Tucker. Perhaps they
were descendents of someone named Tuker.

As for "Zosler," I found that there are lots of people with this surname.

I shall be on the lookout for more helpful responses >from other participants
in this group.

Naomi Fatouros (nee FELDMAN)
Bloomington, Indiana
Researching: BELKOWSKY and BIELKOWSKY, Odessa and Berdichev;ROTHSTEIN,
Kremenchug; FELDMAN, Pinsk; SCHUTZ, RETTIG, WAHL, Shcherets; LEVY, Mulhouse;
SAS or SASS,Podwolochisk; RAPOPORT, Tarnopol, Korostyshev; BEHAM, Salok and
Kharkov; WOLPIANSKY, Ostryna.

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