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Jerome Seligsohn <jselig1315@...>

I intend to make a strong effort to examine the
following so as to publish the names of the membership
on the Belarus website. If you have personal knowledge
of these landsmanshaften I would appreciate hearing
from you. I trust that all of these are located in
today's Belarus [Tuker questionable]
Chevra Hlusk
First Luberer Burial Society
Chevra Agudath Achim Anshei Borisoff Inc
Chevra Bnai Jacob Anshei Shereshov
Cong Dorshei Tov Anshei Pinsk
Kobrin Unt Verein
Korelitzer Society
Lapitzer Independent Benevolent Society
Streshiner Brothers Aid Society
Tolochiner Friends Association
Vitebsk Benevolent Association
Wolkowiski Young Mens Benevolent Association
Propoisker Ladies Association
Ivaniker Progressive Association 1941-61
Cong Sheveth Achim Anshei Slonim
Tuker Benevolent Association

These undifferentiated files are buried in the
basement of the Center for Jewish History [YIVO
section]. I have been told that some may be too
difficult to identify. We will do our best. In order
to do my research I must exercise a kind of tunnel
vision so as to get the job done. The job is to list
names according to their landsmanshaft with some
attention to dates and to approximate address so as to
place them with the help of Edward Rosenbaum on the
Belarus website.

Jerry Seligsohn
SELIGSOHN and ELKIN of Mogilev/Dnepr

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