Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Landa/Lande Tombstone Translation VM 1880 #belarus


I just wanted to thank everyone who so graciously offered their time and
efforts in translating my ancestor, Ephraim/Fraim's tombstone. I received so
many wonderful translations, the response was overwhelming and so kind.

For those who struggled with some of the misspellings, I thought I'd share a
composite of the translations for them.
Here lies buried
My beloved father
He was taken >from me in the of my youth
An important man of religion and teacher
Efraim Fishel
Son of Reb Meir Landa
Died 27 of Kislev in the year 5667 (1907)
May his soul be tied to the tie of life.

Thank you all so much.

Donna Douglas
Researching: Dlugatch/Dlugacz, Bursztyn/Burstein, Lande/Landau, Koty, and

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