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Florence Gurwin <fgurwin@...>

There is another possible reason a name used to enter the U.S. was not the
same as one's known name. If one used someone else's identification papers
to enter this country, that would be the name on the manifest. Later, once
here, they would go back to their own name.

I know for a fact that that happened. My mother came to this country with a
friend of her sister. That friend used my mother's half-sister's
identification papers. I remember my mother telling me about her
half-sister's papers being used. It wasn't until I found my mother's
manifest that I saw the other person listed with her. Since we know that
half-sister never came to this country, we know the story she and my aunt
told was true.

Unfortunately, someone looking for the person arriving with my mother might
have one heckava time finding her.

Florence Gurwin
Columbus, OH


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