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Subjects: Morse's One-Step ED Converter Tool

It looks like Steve Morse has added yet another tool to his One-Step
toolbox (doesn't he ever sleep?). This one converts an enumeration
distict (ED) for the 1930 census into the corresponding ED for the 1920
census, and vice versa. As you know, Steve already has a tool that lets
you find the 1930 ED >from the street address for nearly every city. So
now you can use his converter tool to obtain the 1920 ED >from the 1930
one already found.

You can get to this converter by going to Steve's home page at and clicking on the link for the converter tool (it's in
the CENSUS section of his page). Alternately, you can start with his
1930 ED tool, obtain the 1930 ED, and then be presented with a button
that takes you directly to the converter with the 1930 values all
prefilled for you.

Steve is looking for volunteers to help add more cities to the converter
tool. If you have some time to spare, you might want to answer the call
by clicking on the volunteer link that is on his converter webpage.

As usual, please direct your questions directly to Steve and not to me.
His e-mail address as well as those of his co-authors Joel Weintraub and
Dave Kehs are at the top of the website.

Diane Jacobs
New York
Researching Glazer, Golasshoff, Feinberg, Chimirinsky, Joseph,
Yosselowitz, Becker, Rabinowitz, Samuels, Mordesowitz, Narzemsky,
Seifter, Udelowitz.

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