Belarus SIG #Belarus Searching: EYKHLER/EICHLER-GOLDSTEIN & JACOBS from Przasnysz #belarus


I attempted to send this email to Rita Margolis and then post a similar
subject to and to the Belarus digest as well.

However, since the email bounced, I have decided to use this as my post. It
tells the story and gives specific knowledge of our Eichler-Goldstein family
from Przasnysz. We also believe our original Jacobs’ family surname could
have been Eichler, also >from Przasnysz.

“Dear Rita Krakower Margolis,
May 13, 1998 you posted a search for the above subject.

Very recently, by finding and connecting with my Goodman cousin in MD who is
a Goldstein descendant - his mother was Ruth Goldstein - he forwarded a copy
of verification of birth of my g-great uncle, Lewis Goldstein. This showed
he was the son of Mortka (any spelling) and Sura Eykhler. See below.

May 27, 1870
By reasons of the lack of a birth certificate, for Leybka Eykhler, who was
born in the city Prasnysh, whose father Mortka and Sura >from the town of
Topory. Two witnesses were brought to the City Council, Yankl Walishewer
and Mortka Seborer. They testified that they knew Leybka Eykhler well and
that he was born in 1851 and he is currently 19 years old."
Signed by Burgermeister

Does this connect with your family?”

I was about to post to Jewishgen and decided to search first for

Please reply privately to me.

Many thanks.

Rachelle Leaf Berliner

Savannah, GA


Searching: *ISLER/EICHLER/EHRLICH/JACOBS/GOLDSTEIN (>from Przasnysz to London
to Baltimore, MD, Newport News, VA, Richmond, VA, Norfolk, VA, Atlanta, GA)

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