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Edna Hoover

On 8/19/03, Joseph Fibel, New Rochelle, responded to my suggestions for
streamlining the BOF process: "I think you are right. I am delighted that
so many people are volunteering for activity in this area but this whole
thing looks to me like chaos and I don't know how it can be reasonably
organized >from the huge number of postings on this Sig. Since my computer
has decided to send messages in HTML and I can't get out of this, I can't
post messages to the Sig. Perhaps there ought to be community leaders,
chosen >from among the volunteers, and the volunteers ought to report to
them. There could be a listing of the community leaders with their e-mail
addresses and they could organize the activities. Also, there ought to be
co ordination of what is to be researched, with a priority of what is
preferable to add to the data base and what each item would cost. Each
small group could have its mini-site. With this in place there could be
orderly progress. Unfortunately, I am not enough of a computer person to
know how to set this up (even on Jewishgen-Belarus)."

Edna Hoover JGFF # 66736

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