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Greetings and L'Shana Tova Tikatavu!

Like Michael Kaulkin [who posted yesterday], I am also
a relatively new member. While I enjoy reading
everyone's postings, I feel that my family is >from a
part of Belarus that has almost no bearing on anyone
else's research. Nonetheless, since David Fox's New
Year's message encourages us to post something about
ourselves - here's my brief story.

My great-grandfather, Yoel Shlame GOLEMBE was born in
Lubaszewo OR Lyubashevo OR Lubeshov, Russia about
February 15, 1868. The town is located in the Pinsk
Uezd in Minsk Gubernia. He arrived at Ellis Island on
December 19, 1895 aboard the Anconia. It appears that
his two-year older brother, Louie, arrived in December
of 1893 aboard the New York. BTW, GOLEMBE is Polish
for 'Doves'.

Whether searching GALEMBA, GOLEMBA, GOLEMBE or any
other variation, we've always been told that anyone
with this last name is a family member - but NOT
GOLOMB, which is singular [Dove.] And so it has been.

I even have cousins, who must be related further up
the tree than great-grandparents, who bear a striking
resemblance to my grandfather and his brothers though
we don't know how we are related other than we are
"GOLEMBE" and that their great-grandfathers emigrated
from Pinsk [area.]
EIDB has been searched relentlessly. Two JewishGen
researchers, who are a 2nd cousin once removed and a
3rd cousin once removed, have posted their versions of
the family tree. I have reviewed their data, which
mostly goes forward >from immigration not back to the
"old" country.

We have the death certificates of Julius and his
father, Beril and mother, Shifra nee ROSENFELD. We
have family buried in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn
at the Neir Hat Anshe Lebestiff, Sect 3, Post 300 plot
as well as family members buried at the Chevra Neir
Tomid Anshe Lubashow plot, Block 2 at Cedar Park in
New Jersey. I have been to both locations.

So does anyone else have family >from Lyubashevo? I
didn't see any requests to form a BOF for the town or
the immediate area outside of Pinsk. We may have
family that lived in Lachwa, Lahisyn, or Drahicyn.
Lyubeshov, another shtetl, is located slightly south
of Pinsk at 51º46'-25º31' and for all I know might
actually be the correct family shtetl.

Anyone's insight is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco

and vicinity, Pinsk, Belarus [and others not related
to this SIG]

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