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Any help and suggestions in the below matter will be greatly

I would like to locate and obtain a copy of the birth certificates of
both my father and my uncle.

Jankal SCHENKER, father - I know that he was born on either June 8, 1904
or July 1, 1904.

Gimann SCHENKER, uncle - Was born on March 1, 1906.

Their father Josef SCHENKER was born someplace in Russia on August 9,
1992[Mod. Note: 1882?]. His father's name was Israel Leon Schenker. His mother's name was

Their mother Ciwze (no maiden name know) was born between 1878 - 1882).
On her death certificate it gave a birth place of Poland.

Josef and Ciwze were married between 1902 - 1903.

Two major facts are not very clear:
1. Where were my father and uncle born?
Brestz-Litovski, Russia where their Ellis Island records indicate.
the 1920 United States Federal Census records indicate that they
both born in Brestz-Litovski, Russia.
Or in
Minsk, Russia a town that has been mentioned as a possible birth
Pinsk, Russia another town that has been mentioned as a possible

2. What was my grandfather's Surname at birth and also at my father and
uncle's birth and how was it spelled?
Surnames with the same Schenker Daitch-Mokotoff soundex are:
Cenzer, Cenzor, Junker Schanker, Schantzer, Schencker, Schmitzer,
Schniker, Schnitzer, Senzer, Shenker, Singer, Yanker Zanger, Zinger
Was their Surname really even Schenker. There has been some mention

by my father in the last year of his life, but never confirmed, that
father Josef's name was not Schenker but really Binembaum or
Tenenbaum (or some similarly sounding name). As the story goes,
Josef was a Russian dissident who had to escape >from the Tzar's
police and army during the uprisings and civil disturbances in the
1900's - and that before he left Russia in or about 1906 he changed
name >from Schenker to Binembaum or Tenenbaum. There are no
records here in the United States to indicate that this is anything
than a possible story.

Thanks again. Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Larry Schenker
LOS ANGELES, CA 90024-7335

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