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Dear Friends,
I would like to bring to your attention an organization founded in 1999 in
Belarus with which personally I have no interest, but thought might interest
members of our SIG. The name of the organization is Most, meaning bridge.
They mean to provide a bridge for those Jews whose ancestors lived in their
region. They maintain a website in Russian and English at
Most, led by Michail Chernyavsky, is a member of the Union of the Belarusian
Jewish Community, headed by Leonid Levin.
In addition to Stolin, the group have connections to the following former
towns of our ancestors:
David Horodok, Rubel, Horodnaya, Belousha, Berezhnoye, Glinka, Radchitsk,

The region served by the organization also includes Olmany, Olshany,
Belousha, Horsk, Osavaya, Maleshevo, Olgomel, Korotichi, Lutki, Greater
Orly, Small Orly, Lyadzec, Ozdamichi, Machul, Remel, Ruhcha, Terebezhov,
Nechatovo, and Plotnica.

Among its activities, the group organizes annual memorial services in
Stolin, on September 11. They also hold commemorations for the Jews of Rubel
and David Horodok. They are involved with maintaining the memorials at the
following death sites: Stasino (Stolin, where 12,500 Jews were executed),
Borok (Rubel), and Hinavsk (David Horodok, where 2700 were executed). They
organize shabbot and holiday observances. They are now working on a project
to fence off the former Jewish cemetery of Stolin. They have a Jewish folk
group named "Lehaim." And they try to educate the local children about the
former Jewish populations who lived in their towns.
Ellen Stepak
Ramat Gan, Israel
researching: BRENN and POSENITZKY in Pinsk and Ivanik

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