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Allison Vrolijk <allison_g@...>

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the
Shtetl Aisenberg.

We have the birth certificate of a great uncle of
mine, which reads that he was born on February 26
(March 11), 1911, in the Town of Mir, signed by
"Official Rabbi of the City of Nowygrudok, Sh.

Allison Vrolijk


from Aisenberg/Mir/Nowygrudok/Minsk: SIMAKOWSKY (Isaac/Yitzrok/Isidore, son of Zalel Mordchai), EPSTEIN (Esther Malka/Mollie and Chosha-Meirka and Gussie and Sarah, daughters of Schmuel/Samuel Zelikow and Surrah Thebe/Tiebe NOVOGRUDSKY ).
from Russia: ROSUCK

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